Regular Sunday morning worship services begin in the sanctuary at 10:30, and last about an hour.

Regular service normally include a call to worship, the singing of hymns of praise, the reading of scripture, a reflection, and communal and personal prayer.

Saint Andrew's affirms the universal church in celebrating an open communion.

Saint Andrew's has many family services throughout the year that take place in the Memorial Hall. These services are meant to include the entire Saint Andrew's family in the worship.

Sunday School takes place during each every worship service. We have classes for children of ages 3 to 18. For children who aren't yet old enough to attend Sunday School, we have the nursery to accommodate young children so their parents or grandparents can attend Church with peace of mind. For more information about Sunday School and the Nursery please contact Elizabeth Bergeron at 450-691-7673.

God is like the sun;
you cannot look at it, but without it,
you cannot look at anything else. (G.K Chesterton)

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