Peace With God

This link is to a site supported by the Billy Graham Evangelical Association, working with other partners. WIth effective videos and clear language, it presents the gospel and is appropriate for sharing with others who may be looking or wanting to understand the relevance of the christian message. Click here to get there.

[do action=”star-rating-block”/] is a global international network of more than 40 Christian organizations and ministries engaged in evangelism on the internet. Click here to get there. 

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The Principle of the Path

The Principle of the Pathway

The Principle of the Path, by Andy Stanley is a wonderful read. Based upon biblical principles, and drawing from his own experiences as well as his life as a pastor, Andy Stanley lays out and guides the reader through a simple concept that has great application for our lives. The principle of the pathway is that direction, rather than intention determines our destination.

Leading from this simple concept, and guiding us through it’s application to our relationships, our  finances, and other parts of our lives, he demonstrates how critical it is for us to ask a basic question. “Is this choice going to bring me closer to my goal (destination), or not.” Every goal requires moving from where we are towards somewhere or something.

Every action takes us close to or further from that goal. It’s difficult to do the book justice, but it is relatively short and easy read, and very insightful.  – Recommended by Craig McAlpine

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Resurrection Painting Video

We so enjoyed this video … and shared it in Memorial Hall on Easter Sunday. [rating-block]

2013-04-08 10:30 AM Service

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Poem – Anonymous – Heard on RZIM

He came to my desk with a quivering lip, the lesson was done.
“Have you a new sheet for me, dear teacher? I’ve spoiled this one.”
I took his sheet, all soiled and blotted, and gave him a new one all unspotted.
And into his tired heart I cried, “Do better now, my child.”

I went came to the throne with a trembling heart; the day was done.
“Have you a new day for me, dear Master? I’ve spoiled this one.”
He took my day, all soiled and blotted, and gave me a new one all unspotted.
And into my tired heart he cried, “Do better now, my child.”

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Official Board

nurse-comforting-a-worried-seniorThe Official Board is the umbrella committee under which the other church committees operate. Only those serving on committees or their representatives are members of the Official Board. When major decisions need to be made, e.g. budget, building repairs, etc., an Official Board meeting is called. Sometimes the Board makes the decision needed and sometimes it brings a suggestion to a congregational meeting for discussion/approval.

Stewards Committee

Study Group

This committee is responsible for all financial aspects of the church which also includes all responsibilities attributed to the buildings and grounds. It reports yearly to the Official Board and the Congregation. The Church Treasurer and Envelope Steward together are responsible for all givings (plate, envelope and par) plus all other donations and revenues from rentals and fund raisers. Their other duties involve oversight for the disbursement of monies for salaries and operating costs required to maintain our church.The committee also includes the our Minister, the Building and Grounds Committees, and several others who look after rentals of our buildings, insurance of the buildings, furnaces, repairs to the buildings etc.

We are fortunate in having members on the Committee of Stewards who have experience in several trades such as plumbing, electricity, carpentry etc., and with a combined effort we can minimize our expenditures.


The Session is the committee that oversees the spiritual direction of the congregation. ( E.g. Sunday morning worship, the Sacraments of Holy Communion and Baptism, visitation.) An individual Session member is called an elder, but not because they are old! It comes from the Scriptures where an elder is an overseer, a shepherd, a pastor. The city of Chateauguay and outlying regions where members live is divided into sections. Each section is appointed to an elder. A congregational member or adherent with concerns or questions may call their elder. The Session members must be members of the congregation and approved by the congregation for this position

Prayer Fellowship Group

The Prayer Fellowship meets on Tuesday mornings at 10 am from mid-September until the end of May. The purpose of the group is to deepen our understanding of what it means to be a Christian in today’s society.

We open with prayer when individuals bring their thanks and concerns to God. Videos are used as a basis for study and discussion. Religious and current articles from newspapers, magazines, and television are also read and discussed.

The group has existed since 1965 and many of our former members who have moved away remain in touch. There are nine members at present and all are welcome to come or to send prayer requests.