Sad News

Unfortunately, due to poor ticket sales, the Harvest Supper has been cancelled for his Saturday. Hopefully, we’ll be able to hold one next year. See you Sunday.

Match Game is Back!

The Match Game was back for its first week since the beginning of the summer today. Today alone, the tastiest fundraiser raised $119 for the Church! Thanks to everyone for their contributions of food and money, see you again next week!

Don’t Forget

Don’t forget, tomorrow the Match Game restarts. Bring some desserts or get ready to buy some tasty treats tomorrow during coffee time. Also, tomorrow Fundscrip will be available for purchase, so don’t forget to see Nancy Christie before you leave.


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Recap of What’s Up for This Week

So it’s September and we’ve gotten back into the swing of things. The choir and Sunday School have restarted and the kids have gone back to school. Since we’re getting back into it, this post is just to let everyone know what’s up for this week. The Match Game is restarting and in case you don’t know how to play, click here to learn. Bring your food and get ready to play. Sunday School is in session, so bring the kids for a nice morning at Sunday School. The choir is back in session bringing beautiful music to our Sunday services. Fundscrip is available from Nancy Christie (as always) so see her on Sunday morning or you can reach her at 450-691-7673. Not sure how it works? Click here. And in case you missed the news, Wal-Mart gift cards are now available from Fundscrip! For what’s going on in the rest of the week, check out the calendar or click here.

Happy Tuesday everyone, see you Sunday!

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