February Fundscrip Specials

Hi everyone! Sorry my title couldn’t be more exciting, I couldn’t think of a word for specials that started with F.

Happy February! The beginning of a new month means new Fundscrip promotions, this month the promotions are:

  • Roots, Roots Kids and Roots Home are offering 14% instead of 10%.
  • The Gap and Baby Gap are offering 7% instead of 5%.
  • Old Navy is offering 7% instead of 5%.
  • Banana Republic is offering 5% instead of 7%.
  • La Vie en Rose and La Vie en Rose Aqua are offering 11% instead of 8%.fundscrip



January Fundscrip Promotions

The start of a new year means a new January; the start of a new January means it’s a new month. As always, new month means new Fundscrip promotions!

This month,

Coles/Chapters/Indigo are having a special where they will donate 12% of your gift card purchase to Saint Andrew’s as opposed to 5%.

Starbucks is giving 6% instead of their regular 5%.

Finally, Red Lobster is donating 7% instead of their normal rate of 5%.

Be sure to find Nancy Christie on Sunday mornings or place your order with her at 450-691-7673 before 9:00 on Monday mornings to receive your Fundscrip the following Sunday.

Getting Back Into the Routine

Hi everyone!

We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas season with your family. Happy New Year! As always, there will be a Church service tomorrow morning and we hope you’ll be able to brave the cold to join us. Sunday School resumes next Sunday, January 11th.

Update to Amazing Grace information

Good morning!

We officially have the team names for the Amazing Grace. Thanks to our wonderful cameramen, we’ll be able to create an episode between now and Christmas.

The teams are:

Victoria and Bryson King – King Runners
Sarah and Laura Bergeron – Sassy Sisters
Matthew and Luke Bergeron – Brothers and Buds
Alexia Bergeron and Jordan King – The Superstars

Thanks to everyone who helped out and we look forward to making another race next year.

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