Fundscrip Promotions

As promised, here are the current monthly promotions at Fundscrip.

Pizza Pizza is offering a 12% donation of your contribution to the Church instead of 10%.

Foot Locker is offering a 7% donation of your contribution to the Church instead of 5%.

Pizza 73 is offering a 12% donation of your contribution to the Church instead of 10%.

Peir 1 Imports is offering a 7% donation of your contribution to the Church instead of 5%.

Of course, there are over 170 retailers currently participating in this easy fundraiser, so order anything you need from Nancy Christie on Sunday mornings or before 9:00 am on Monday morning



Fundscrip News

Big news for all our Fundscrip subscribers, and also for those of you who should be participating. Fundscrip has recently added Wal-Mart to the list of retailers it distributes gift cards from. So you can now order Wal-Mart gift cards from Nancy Christie on Sunday or Mondays before 9:00 am, and she’ll get you the gift cards for the following Sunday. This simple action gives money to Saint Andrew’s by your participation. The Wal-Mart gift cards give 2% to the Church.

If you’re interested in the monthly specials at Fundscrip, where retailers increase their percentage by a certain amount in a given month, click here to go to the Fundscrip website, or there will be a post about it soon.


New Sermon Posted

There has been a new sermon posted to the website today. Check out the media section or click here to be brought to it. The sermon was written by Hazel Finlay and was presented during the Prayer Fellowship’s service in Reverend Alice’s absence. Apologies for taking so long to post it, but we’re sure it was worth the wait. So check it out and, as always, we welcome your feedback about what you think of Sunday’s sermons being posted on the website. Enjoy this beautiful summer evening.

First Sermon Posted to the Website! :)

Today, we’ve officially posted our first sermon to the website. You can find it in the media section under bulletins and sermons. It was written by Keith Motton and we invite you all to take a look so you won’t have missed what Keith put so much effort into preparing. Hopefully we get a lot of good response and we can continue to post more sermons in the future.


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The Future Directions Committee

The Future Directions Committee, designated by the congregation to come up with recommendations to ensure the lasting future of Saint Andrew’s, met for a final time before the summer on Monday, June 16. Each member has something they will be trying to accomplish over the summer and will report back in August before the congregational meeting in September.

The members of this committee are:

  • Reverend Alice McAlpine
  • Craig McAlpine
  • Doreen Gilbert
  • Audrey Bauer
  • Bruce Ryan
  • Julie Desrochers
  • Elizabeth Bergeron
  • Jonathan Bergeron

In the event you have any questions about what the committee is working on or if you would like information from the update meeting, please contact one of the committee members listed above.

Also, here’s what people are working on over the summer, if you would like to help with some of these tasks, please contact the committee member.

Elizabeth Bergeron is continuing to work on the website and attempting to keep it up to date and relevant.

Doreen Gilbert (with help from Audrey Bauer) is contacting several places around the area, trying to get some of our children’s pictures hung up on their walls; this is to show how St. Andrew’s cares about the community.

Jonathan Bergeron will be organizing sports and some fun activities for the summer.

Julie and Reverend Alice will be coming up with concrete plans for some fundraisers to organize for the next year.

Have a great summer!

Summer Schedule

We hope everyone is having a wonderful Father’s Day, don’t forget to tell the men in your life how much you love them.

As promised, here’s the schedule of which groups will be preparing the services in Rev. Alice’s absence.

July 6 – Session (Les Sorg)
July 13 – Prayer Fellowship
July 20 – Stewards (Keith Motton)
July 27 – Session (Richard Fortier)
Aug 3 – Choir


Wrapping Up For The Summer

This Sunday is going to be petty eventful at St Andrew’s. The Sunday School, the choir and the Match Game are finishing for the summer, it’s Father’s Day, and of course for Father’s Day there is a special breakfast (Bring your dad and your family!). Although some of our activities will be taking a break during the summer, we hope that you will come out and join us for worship. Rev. Alice will be taking her summer vacation shortly and the schedule of which groups will be organizing the services will be posted soon. Have a great summer and don’t forget to check the website for news and updates throughout the summer!

Delicious Events Coming Soon!

We hope everyone’s excited for the upcoming Special Events at Saint Andrew’s. This Sunday, you can come out with your family and friends for breakfast before our Father’s Day service and the closing of Sunday School. Reverend Alice is looking for volunteers to help with the breakfast, so contact Reverend Alice if you’d like to help out.

After that, the Strawberry Social is quickly approaching! This delicious and entertaining event is put on by the UCW, so you can purchase your tickets from a UCW member or from the Church office.

We hope to see you at both events for conversation and cuisine!


Website News for Members

Hey Saint Andrew’s Members!

Let’s make the Saint Andrew’s website our best way of getting news and information out to our congregation. If you click on the Members section of our website or if you click hereyou can sign up to have access to newsletters and all the latest posts. You would also have exclusive access to certain sections of the website.

Also, if you have anything you would like regularly updated on the website, you should contact Elizabeth Bergeron at 450-691-7673, as she is trying to keep Saint Andrews’ Website current and appropriate. 🙂

Match game Success!

This Sunday’s Match Game brought the greatest success we’ve seen with the Match Game yet. The brand new Saint Andrew’s fundraiser raised $166 just in this week! That’s incredible, thanks so much to everyone who participated. Thus far, the Match Game has raised over $400 over the first month. We hope everyone’s ready for some delicious treats next week.