The Future Directions Committee

The Future Directions Committee, designated by the congregation┬áto come up with recommendations to ensure the lasting future of Saint Andrew’s, met for a final time before the summer on Monday, June 16. Each member has something they will be trying to accomplish over the summer and will report back in August before the congregational meeting in September.

The members of this committee are:

  • Reverend Alice McAlpine
  • Craig McAlpine
  • Doreen Gilbert
  • Audrey Bauer
  • Bruce Ryan
  • Julie Desrochers
  • Elizabeth Bergeron
  • Jonathan Bergeron

In the event you have any questions about what the committee is working on or if you would like information from the update meeting, please contact one of the committee members listed above.

Also, here’s what people are working on over the summer, if you would like to help with some of these tasks, please contact the committee member.

Elizabeth Bergeron is continuing to work on the website and attempting to keep it up to date and relevant.

Doreen Gilbert (with help from Audrey Bauer) is contacting several places around the area, trying to get some of our children’s pictures hung up on their walls; this is to show how St. Andrew’s cares about the community.

Jonathan Bergeron will be organizing sports and some fun activities for the summer.

Julie and Reverend Alice will be coming up with concrete plans for some fundraisers to organize for the next year.

Have a great summer!