RZIM Resources – Apologetics and Evangelism

Ravi Zacharius International Ministries (RZIM) has as its motto “Helping the believer ¬†think …¬†Helping the thinker believe”. This YouTube channel contains only RZIM videos relating to some of the key concerns raised by the thoughtful believer, and the honest skeptic. Mr Zacharius has spent the last 25 years criss-crossing the globe challenging non-believers, and providing thoughtful responses that make sense of our faith in the context of the moral complexity of modern life . Click Here to get there.

To find out more about RZIM you may be interested in the resources available, including podcasts that you can find here. That link is to the media resources like online audio messages. He offers responses to some of the issues like finding meaning in the midst of evil or suffering. There is also and excellent list of reading resources, many of them Christian classics, available from a link in the right hand menu.