The Principle of the Path

The Principle of the Pathway

The Principle of the Path, by Andy Stanley is a wonderful read. Based upon biblical principles, and drawing from his own experiences as well as his life as a pastor, Andy Stanley lays out and guides the reader through a simple concept that has great application for our lives. The principle of the pathway is that direction, rather than intention determines our destination.

Leading from this simple concept, and guiding us through it’s application to our relationships, our  finances, and other parts of our lives, he demonstrates how critical it is for us to ask a basic question. “Is this choice going to bring me closer to my goal (destination), or not.” Every goal requires moving from where we are towards somewhere or something.

Every action takes us close to or further from that goal. It’s difficult to do the book justice, but it is relatively short and easy read, and very insightful.  – Recommended by Craig McAlpine

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