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Don’t forget the Amazing Grace this Sunday!

Don’t forget the Amazing Grace is this Sunday for the Sunday school, you’re allowed to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bible) but nothing else. You’ll need your running shoes and your game faces. Aren’t participating? Don’t worry! You’ll get to enjoy the game soon enough because Elizabeth will be making a video out of the recordings her hardworking camera people will get on Sunday. See you soon!

Are those ponies on the front lawn?

imageThat’s right! There were ponies on the front lawn of the Church! Last Sunday, the Saint Andrew’s Sunday School invited Willdon stables in Mercier to bring ponies for after Church. Lots of our little cowboys, cowgirls and even Mr. Bauer, (if you don’t believe me I’ve included pictures so you know it’s true) braved the cold to get their chance (or multiple chances) to ride a pony. It was lots of fun, and if you didn’t have a chance to join us we missed you! Please enjoy these pictures of a fun day.

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You Must Be Kidding!

As if we don’t have enough to be excited for this month, what with the Amazing Grace and Thanksgiving coming up, but now we have even more exciting news!  Sunday, October 19th, it is a family Sumday at Saint Andrew’s it’s the soup luncheon and there will be ponies weather permitting. So bring a canned good or a donation for the Christmas baskets to ride a pony! There will be great food and it’s for a great cause, so don’t miss out on your chance for great fun. We hope to see you all there!