March 28-29, 2020 Reflections

Begin forwarded message:

From: Alice McAlpine <kalicemcalpine>

Subject: Mailing

Date: March 28, 2020 at 7:19:53 PM GMT-4

To: Saint Andrews United Church Office <office>, Richard Fortier <sandra_richard>

Hi Sandra,

Here is what I have:

Amazing Remote Recording by Rome’s International Choir

The wonderful work on the following YouTube link has just been completed by the Rome’s International Opera Choir. ( Project Manager Raffaella Baioni, conductor M ° Giovanni Mirabile)

Raffaella had each choir member record his/her own contribution on a smartphone with the help of a Choir member who is also a sound engineer. The recording files were then cut together, using an ingenious assembly technique and … you can see and hear the result by opening the link below!

From: Richard and Sandra Fortier

A note from Sandra & Richard…

We received the following from a friend and wish to pass it on to you.

When this is over, may we never again take for granted

  • A handshake with a stranger…
  • Full shelves at the store
  • Conversations with neighbours
  • A crowded theatre
  • Friday night out
  • The taste of Communion
  • A routine checkup
  • The school rush each morning
  • Coffee with a friend
  • The stadium roaring
  • Each deep breath
  • A boring Tuesday
  • Life itself.

When this ends, may we find that we have become more like the people we wanted to be, we hoped to be…and may we stay that way…better for each other because of the worst.

If you have something you’ve taken for granted and miss… pass it along to us.  We are missing the warm Sunday morning greetings from all of you. Enjoy the sunshine!

Sandra & Richard

Message from Reverend Alice

Dear St. A’s Church Family,

It is Sunday morning, March 22, 2020, when normally we would be thinking about gathering to worship at St. A’s. With this corona virus pandemic, however, it can be no more than a thought. When I came to our kitchen shortly after 6 o’clock and looked out the window facing in a south –easterly direction, I could see the colours of dawn. The sun was not yet risen but hanging there was a pin prick of glorious light. On another morning, the CJAD radio broadcasters had been discussing whether that light was Jupiter or Mars. Also there that morning was the last quarter of the moon. Now there was no sign of it. I wondered if that is how people are thinking of God just now; where did He go?
The Scriptures say we walk by faith not by sight. That is, that just as the moon has apparently entered its new moon faze and we cannot see it, we trust that God is there even when we cannot see Him. This week I phoned a senior clergy friend, a dear man of deep faith and with a very thick francophone accent. We were ordained together. He has been in ill health for some time and lives in a care facility. I didn’t realize I was phoning him on the second anniversary of his wife’s death, and I didn’t know he was now recovering in another facility having almost died from minor surgery.
I was feeling sorry for him, but he said that actually this health incident was good for him. He said he’d been in a very dark place, mentally and spiritually, but God had used this illness to bring him out of it. … He became aware of God again in the dark.
As I browsed over titles from different Christian organizations on my computer this morning, and as I have listened to the radio over the last few days and spoken with various people, I see that God is still there and good things are happening, even in the darkness.
As we find ourselves in this valley, let us reach out and grasp of the hand of the Lord. He is the Light. We may not be able to see Him nor the road ahead just now, but He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, now and always.

With love and prayers and email hugs,
Rev. Alice

P. S. I think you will find some very encouraging material on you tube by such people as Rev. Nicky Gumbal, (Choose faith, not fear) Rev. Dr. Timothy Keller (How to deal with dark times), Rev. Dr. Ravi Zacharias (True love in a time of crisis)

Sweet Cucumber Relish

Today church members were able to purchase jars of sweet cucumber relish, for their immediate enjoyment or as “stocking stuffers” or gifts, thanks to the donation of boxes of cucumbers by Ben Doiron and Elsie Salter, and the efforts of a dedicated team of cooks. Yesterday, Reverend Alice and six other members and adherents laboured in the kitchen to produce several gallons of the relish, and sealed them in 250ml and 50ml mason jars. On sale today, almost one half were sold for net proceeds of just over $140. Thanks to all who contributed their energies, or who took home one (or more) of these little goodies. The final results are in and the net proceeds are $294 and some very happy tastebuds. Thanks to all!

Christmas Schedule

Our Christmas Eve service will be held  December 24th, 2019. It will be a Family & Candlelight service at 8:00 p.m.

December 29th we will be having a casual service in Memorial Hall. It will be a celebration of caroling, sharing memories and reflections.  Feel free to bring your leftover treats and we will serve hot chocolate, tea and coffee.


Fundscrip Promotions for June

The Fundscrip promotions for June are:

Petro-Canada is offering 2.5% instead of 2% (They’re also having a contest where you can win free gas for a year!).

Kelsey’s Restaurant is offering 5% instead of 3%.

Montana’s Restaurant is offering 5% instead of 3%.

Swiss Chalet is offering 5% instead of 3%.

Milestones Restaurant is offering 5% instead of 3%.

Harvey’s is offering 5% instead of 3%.

Foot Locker is offering 7% instead of 5%.

Casey’s is offering 5% instead of 3%.

Darcy McGee’s is offering 5% instead of 3%.

East Side Mario’s is offering 5% instead of 3%.

Fionn MacCool’s is offering 5% instead of 3%.

Paddy Flaherty is offering 5% instead of 3%.

Prime Pubs is offering 5% instead of 3%.

The Biermarkt is offering 5% instead of 3%.

Tir Nan Og is offering 5% instead of 3%.

There’s quite a few this month, so if you see any that interest you, please contact Nancy Christie for your gift cards.


Fundscrip Promotions for May

Good morning everyone! This month’s Fundscrip promotions are as follows:

Golf Town is offering 7% instead of 3%.

La Vie en Rose is offering 11% instead of 8%.

La Vie en Rose Aqua is offering 11% instead of 8%.

Spafinder Wellness 365 is offering 13% instead of 10%.


See Nancy Christie to order your Fundscrip!



Don’t Forget! Exciting Events this Week

Hello everyone! We hope you’re excited for this week’s activities. This Sunday is Palm Sunday and our lovely pageant entitled “HEROse” will be happening Sunday. The service will take place in the Memorial Hall, so please bring your friends and family out for this performance to remember.

See you Sunday!

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Fundscrip Promotions

Hi everyone! Happy March, this month’s new Fundscrip promotions are:

M & M Meat Shops is giving 4% instead of 3%.

Teriyaki Experience is giving 12% instead of 10%.

Pet Smart is donating 4% instead of 2%.

Don’t forget to talk to Nancy Christie to order your Fundscrip! Also, the Match game has restarted, so you’re invited to bring some lovely desserts on Sunday or join us for some delicious treats.