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United Church of Canada Foundation

The United Church of Canada’s Website

And of course, for some great content, stay right here on St. Andrew’s United Church of Chateauguay’s website.


Looking back … our 170th Anniversary

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This item was proposed by Mr. George Christie, who provided a scanned version of our 170th Anniversary Memory Book. Click here or on the image to the left to view the booklet …

Output from Microsoft Publisher

The issue here is how to output, for example, a newsletter created in Microsoft Publisher. One the one hand, we want to be able to create a nice physical copy in booklet form with all the pages in the right order after being printed and assembled. On the other hand, we would like to be able to produce output in pdf format with all of the pages in order. This second format could be used to email to members of the community, or to go on the website for interested members and visitors.

Fortunately, this challenge has been responded to in the form of a youtube video generated by a group called effective church communications. The video is called “How to Create a Booklet and Share it as a PDF”.

Poem – E.M. Winter

I do not ask that He must prove

His Word is true to me,

And that before I can believe

He first must let me see.

It is enough for me to know

It’s true because he says it’s so;

On His unchanging Word I’ll stand

And Trust, till I can understand.


Quoted from Streams in the Desert – August 31st   [do action=”star-rating-block”/]

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