United Church Links

Here are some new links:

United Church of Canada Foundation

The United Church of Canada’s Website

And of course, for some great content, stay right here on St. Andrew’s United Church of Chateauguay’s website.


Building Up – Being a Lego Servant (link to video)

One of five great videos, probably created for young people, but great for all, showing christian life lessons learned from playing with Lego. Very clever and very well done. Click here to get there.

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Peace With God

This link is to a site supported by the Billy Graham Evangelical Association, working with other partners. WIth effective videos and clear language, it presents the gospel and is appropriate for sharing with others who may be looking or wanting to understand the relevance of the christian message. Click here to get there.

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Jesus.net is a global international network of more than 40 Christian organizations and ministries engaged in evangelism on the internet. Click here to get there. 

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